EU Commission adopts Delegated Regulations supplementing Benchmarks Regulation

03/10/2017 | Clifford Chance

The EU Commission has adopted three Delegated Regulations supplementing the Benchmarks Regulation (EU 2016/1011).


In particular, the Delegated Regulations specify:


  • how the criteria of Article 20(1)(c)(iii) are to be applied for assessing whether certain events would result in significant and adverse impacts on market integrity, financial stability, consumers, the real economy or the financing of households and businesses in one or more Member States (C(2017) 6469 final);
  • how the nominal amount of financial instruments other than derivatives, the notional amount of derivatives and the net asset value of investment funds are to be assessed (C(2017) 6464 final); and
  • the technical elements of the definitions laid down in paragraph 1 of Article 3 of the Regulation (C(2017) 6474 final).