Financing the Economy 2017 - The role of private credit managers in supporting economic growth

31/10/2017 | EIFR


Demographics of survey participants/methodology 6
Section 1: Private credit is now a globally
established source of mainstream finance 8
A) Continued growth in private credit 9
B) Expanding into new markets 12
Section 2: Borrowers 13
A) Private credit is as attractive to
borrowers as ever 14
B) Focus on the lending process 15
C) Borrowers are in a strong position 16
D) Expansion of deal origination networks 18
E) Collaboration between private
credit managers and banks remains
as strong as ever 19
F) Sponsor influence remains strong but
sponsorless deals continue to grow
in popularity 20
G) Managers are moving beyond the
mid-market 21
Section 3: Lenders 22
A) Capital structures used by private
credit managers 23
B) Common coupon structures used in lending 25
C) Fund structures 26
Section 4: What’s happening where you live? 30
A) USA 31
B) Europe 33
C) Asia Pacific 36
Conclusion 39
Appendix 1 – Case studies 40
Appendix 2 – Glossary 45

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