Commission Communication on the call for evidence: EU regulatory framework for financial services


« Call for Evidence »: lessons & actions with John Berrigan


Since the crisis, Europe had to face a dual challenge: still progressing building up the single market guaranteing its critical mass & competitivity and obviously taking the lessons of the crisis guaranteing its robustness based on the G20 road map.

An enormous job has been done impacting signifiquantly the way the financial industry will serve in the future the real economy. In this actual phase the priority should be of tuning & to adjust the balance between growth & stability. To do so the financial ecosystem applauded the Commission’s initiative of the « Call for Evidence ». Coherence, subsidiarity, proportionality, liquidity are key words that got out from this consultation.

John Berrigan, Deputy Director General of FISMA will comment and give his views on the report just issued on this Call for Evidence highlighting the major lessons and action plans for the Commission and consequently for the financial industry.

John Berrigan is currently the Deputy Director General in DG FISMA (Directorate General Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union) of the European Commission. John has a master degree in economics from University College Dublin. 

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