Strengthening the European Financial Industry amid disruptive global challenges with Yves MERSCH

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Intervenant :  Yves MERSCH, Membre du Directoire, Banque Centrale Européenne

Europe´s financial industry faces a number of challenges, visible in continued weak performance of the sector, with low price-to-book ratios of many players and meagre profitability. 

Compared with the pre-crisis situation, profound adjustment of structure and business models will be needed to tackle those challenges. Broadly speaking, the challenges result from three major areas: regulatory, structural, and technological. 

Yves Mersch will share his views on those challenges, the financial industry and ECB priorities.
Yves Mersch holds postgraduate degrees in political science from Paris Sorbonne, and law from Paris Panthéon and is the longest serving Member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank. From 1998 he was serving in his 3rd mandate as Governor of the Central Bank of Luxembourg when he was called to the Executive Board of the ECB in 2012. Before setting up his country’s Central Bank, he represented his country in the IMF, World Bank, European Investment Bank and other multilateral organisations, as well as in private companies where he has been globally active in both financial and industrial areas.