Global Banks 2020 Outlook - The Unrelenting Hunt For Returns

20/11/2020 | S&P


Key Takeaways
BICRAs, Ratings, and Outlooks
Low For Longer
Fintechs – Disruption
Emerging Markets
Regulation – Resolution
Market Liquidity
Climate Change
North America
Latin America
Related Research
Analytical Contacts

Key Takeaways
– Credit conditions remain broadly supportive of banks' asset quality even if the economy is slowing down.
– Trade and geopolitical tensions remain elevated and undermine confidence.
– Central banks' responses to counter the slowdown are positive for banks' funding conditions but increasingly call into question their business models.
– The pressure on profitability is mounting, especially in Europe and Japan.
– The vast majority of outlooks on banks is stable globally, supported by low credit losses and high capitalization.
– Technology is disrupting retail banking across the globe.

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