ESG Finance Report European Sustainable Finance

06/09/2021 | AFME


Key Findings 3

Regulatory Update and Glossary 7

ESG Bond and Loan Issuance 11

ESG Bonds Outstanding 18

Carbon Pricing, Emissions and Trading 22

Fund Management 26

ESG Bond Trading 29

Valuations 32

Methodology and Definitions 37 

ESG bond and loan issuance marginally decelerated in Q 2 2021 compared to Q 1 2021. However, ESG fixed income issuance continues to display robust volumes driven by the active participation of the public sector in the ESG bond market (EU and country sovereigns) and continued increase in ESG loan origination. During Q 2 2021 , European ESG Bond and Loans issuance accumulated EUR 188.7 bn in proceeds, up 227 % from EUR 83.1 bn in Q 2 2020 , with only a 3 % drop from Q 1 2021. In Q 2 2021 , the top issuers of ESG bonds and loans were located in France, Germany and Italy. The EU institutions (EU Commission on behalf of the EU and the EIB) continued their leading market presence issuing a total of EUR 56.3bn in ESG bonds during Q 2 2021 (predominantly social bonds) [See graph 1.2 ].

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