FSB - Financial Stability Surveillance Framework

04/10/2021 | FSB

Executive summary

The assessment of vulnerabilities affecting the global financial system is a core mandate of the FSB. Identifying material vulnerabilities facilitates monitoring by relevant public authorities and the preparation of policy actions to mitigate the financial stability risks posed by the vulnerabilities.

This report describes the framework used by the FSB to identify and assess global financial system vulnerabilities. The framework has recently been revised following the conclusion of work to enhance the FSB’s financial stability surveillance. The purpose of the new framework is to increase the effectiveness of the FSB’s vulnerabilities discussions, and improve the timeliness with which the discussions identify challenges to global financial stability.

The new surveillance framework aims to identify vulnerabilities in a proactive and forwardlooking manner. It is based on systematic analysis that spans all parts of the global financial system. To serve the international remit of the FSB, the new framework provides a global, crossborder, and cross-sectoral perspective on current vulnerabilities that draws on the collective perspective of the FSB’s broad membership. At the same time, the framework aims to capture new and emerging vulnerabilities in an evolving global financial system.

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