M. Louchtchay de Fleurian Cyril

Head of Collateral Management & Financing Services Products ESES


Cyril is responsible for the development and implementation of Collateral Management and Securities Financing Products solutions for the Euroclear group’s ESES Central Securities Depositories. He is also a board member of the ACI France AFTB (Forex and Bank Treasurers International Association), leading the Repo & Collateral Management Committee.

Prior to joining Euroclear, Cyril spent five years as a Fund Manager in a short-term, yield curve strategy, specialized in absolute return investment. From 1998 to 2008, Cyril was Head of Repo and Collateral Financing activities for Natexis CIB and Crédit Agricole CIB where he managed and coordinated collateral management developments in relation to trading, funding and liquidity risks.

As a bond, repo and short term interest rate trader, his broad expertise collateral management and the short term yield curve, enables him to understand current market trends and provide relevant technical and organizational solutions for banks, asset managers and market infrastructures - especially in the context of the strategic shift within the collateral management ecosystem. Cyril holds a degree from Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris as well as a Master's degree in Finance.

Mise à jour le 31/07/2017
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